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About us

About the company

Kwanda - Suporte Logístico, Lda is an Oil & Gas logistics base located in Angola’s oldest logistics hub, Soyo (north of Angola). The company is a joint venture between Sonangol (Angolan National Oil Company), Saipem and two other national companies, Casoy and Sagemetal Kwanda’s mission is to solve the customer’s logistics and port challenges by providing integrated supply chain logistic services. The company’s core business is port operations, namely the transit of vessels, crew changes and ship loading and unloading. Nevertheless, the services portfolio also includes yards and equipment rental, energy and water supply, accommodation and catering services.

Soyo’s hub strategic location

Geographically located in a strategic position, nearby Angola’s most productive offshore blocks, Kwanda is crucial for the Angolan hydrocarbon sector, namely for the major operators and oil field services providers. In addition, the National Oil Company has announced that ten new blocks will be auctioned soon in Soyo area, which means that operations are expected to ramp up quickly in the near future.

Broad industry know-how

There are two important logistics bases in the north region of Angola, Kwanda and Malongo base. While the latter is exclusive to Chevron operations, Kwanda provides services to a wide set of industry players, which contributes towards a broad industry know-how. Our main clients include ExxonMobil (Esso Angola), operating Block 15, and ENI, which currently operates Block 15/06’s East and West hubs, and has 100% of its operations in Angola hosted at Kwanda base